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Manufacturing cotton fabric from raw cotton requires a combination of traditional techniques and modern machinery. The process can be quite complex and time-consuming, but it results in a versatile and comfortable fabric that is widely used around the world. Manufacturing 100 cotton jersey fabric from raw cotton involves several steps.

cotton yarn

Preparing the Cotton
The first step is to remove any impurities from the cotton. The raw cotton is cleaned using a process called ginning, where the cotton fibers are separated from the seeds, stems, and leaves.

Once the cotton fibers are separated, they are straightened and aligned using a process called carding. Carding involves running the cotton fibers through a machine with wire teeth, which combs and aligns the fibers in a uniform direction.

The next step is spinning, where the cotton fibers are twisted into yarn. This can be done using a spinning wheel or a modern spinning machine.

Once the yarn is made, it is ready to be woven into fabric. The yarn is loaded onto a loom, which interlaces the yarn to create the fabric. The weaving process can be done manually or using a power loom.

After the fabric is woven, it is finished to improve its texture, appearance, and durability. This can involve processes like washing, bleaching, dyeing, and printing.

Cutting and Sewing
Finally, the finished fabric is cut into the desired shapes and sewn into finished products, such as clothing or home textiles.