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Given the large number of types of clothing fabrics, coming up with a complete list is an almost impossible task that takes a lot of time. However, there are a few common types that permeate most forms of everyday fashion.

Here are the types of dress fabrics you often see on a daily basis and some interesting information about each fabric that you might appreciate if you are a dress fabric enthusiast.

· Cotton – Any discussion of clothing fabrics ultimately begins with cotton, the most common fabric present in almost all types of clothing. There are actually many other types of fabric that are not called cotton, but are made from significant percentages of cotton. Some of the most common uses of cotton in clothing include denim for jeans, cambric which is used for blue work shirts and is the origin of the term “worker”, corduroy and many others. Today, the estimated annual global production of cotton from knitted fabric manufacturer is about 25 million tons, a significant percentage of which goes exclusively to the textile industry.

Wool – Wool is one of the types of clothing fabric harvested from animals, in this case sheep. Other fabrics harvested from animals include cashmere harvested from goats and qiviut from alpaca and camels. Rabbits are also a source of a type of fabric known as angora, which is used for sweaters and suits. As for wool, the fabric is widely regarded as a staple in many clothing lines. Many business attire, especially slacks and trousers, are actually made from wool for its heat-retaining properties, not to mention its classic, formal feel.

Leather – Keeping with the theme of animal fabrics, leather is one of the most popular and sought-after products for expensive clothing lines. Leather is great because it is a durable and flexible material and finds many uses from jackets to pants, bags and even shoes and belts. Leather requires extensive treatment and processing to make it suitable for clothing applications, but in the hands of a master leatherworker, leather is one of the most easily recognizable types of clothing fabrics today.

· Silk – Silk has many specialized uses due to its fine and exquisite texture. Since ancient times, silk has been a highly prized possession for kings and royalty. Today, the applications remain just as high-quality and valued. Silk production mainly comes from insects such as moth caterpillars and so there is also a limited supply available, unlike fabrics made from cotton. This only adds to the allure of silk as the material of choice for scarves, fine dresses, underwear and many other uses.

Synthetic Fabrics – These are fabrics made from fibers that are manufactured using industrial processes. In recent years, the increased demand for various types of clothing fabrics has served to accelerate growth in industries producing synthetic fabrics. Notable examples are nylon, polyester and spandex which are preferred for their affordable price and easy availability.

Where would the world be without all those kinds of clothing fabrics? Fabrics express the embodiment of human creativity in fashion and style. It’s the stuff of dreams of aspiring designers who want to make it big in New York, London, Paris or Milan. With so many fabrics to choose from and plenty of inspiration to motivate, all types of garment fabrics will continue to be loved and adored. Everyone on Earth will surely benefit, because in the end we all wear these fabrics in some way, shape or form.

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